Choose your Dock Type

There are three types of Docklevelers with various models within each type. The images below will help you decide on the dockleveler you have installed or require. TODDCO Australia can also offer customised docklevelers depending on your requirements.


Container Docklevelers

Container docklevelers are usually 3.0m wide. The 2 hydraulic lifting rams are mounted on the 2 front legs of the dockleveler The wide space under the dockleveler allows truck beds, tailgate loaders and B- Double combinations to slide underneath the platform.



Pit Mounted & Taillift Facility. These type of Docklevelers are all 2.1m wide and are fitted into a concrete pit that is usually created in the external front edge of the warehouse floor.  They may also be installed outside the building as part of an igloo.

Mini dock

Mini Docklevelers

Mini Docklevelers generally are used for smaller trucks and trays and have a 7000kg weigth limit. The space available maybe limited as well.

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