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TODDCO offers you:

Over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of docklevelers and associated equipment throughout Australasia. The TODDCO name is accepted as a major supplier to the industry leaders throughout Australasia. Customers currently using TODDCO equipment include; Versacold, Montague Cold storage, Swire Cold Storage, Collins Refrigerated Transport, Harris Refrigerated Transport and Oxford Cold Storage.

Superior strength in construction;

  • Heavy steel is used in the construction of the platform and the base frame.
  • The base frame is designed to fully absorb all hydraulic forces within the frame itself and not transmit loads into the pit surround. The frame does not rely on the cast-in steelwork to withstand the hydraulic ram forces.
  • The design allows for vehicle suspension movement including sideways tilt during the loading and unloading operations.
  • 18mm thick steel, heavy duty lips are used for extra strength and durability.
  • Capacity: 12,500kg

Safety features include:

  • Full height telescopic toe guards.
  • Toe guards that telescope on the inside of the dockleveler side plates so that they do not catch or are easily damaged.
  • A Velocity fuse is fitted to the main hydraulic cylinder. This will freeze the platform in position, in the event that a truck pulls away from the dock with a forklift still on the platform or a hose blows while the dockleveler is being manoeuvred into position

High quality finish:

  • Quality 2 pack paints provide a hard wearing and durable external finish.
  • All hydraulic cylinders are fitted with return lines. All cylinders can and will leak oil past the seals which in turn would normally drip onto the floor of the dock. Our docklevelers are fitted with return lines which return any leaked oil back to the tank. No mess and no lost oil.
  • Rubber pads are installed to allow the platform to travel below the dock level height and come to rest silently.
  • Our Docklevelers are fitted with high quality hydraulic power packs which will provide longevity and reliable service.
  • Trouble free use.
  • Customer satisfaction.


  1. Dock approach - Keep as flat as possible. If inclined, take into account the angle of the back of the truck at the dock. Too big an angle could cause damage to the building wall or prevent adequate sealing of the rear of the truck against the dock seal
  2. Dock height - Survey the full range of trucks being used noting floor heights and /or truck header heights to ensure that the correct docklevelers are chosen to service the trucks.
  3. Type of forklift or pallet trucks - Check the length and width of tailgate loaders to allow adequate access under the dockleveler. Adequate steelwork must be cast into the concrete to support the dockleveler and the loads applied to it.
  4. Trucks with tailgate loaders - Check the length and width of tailgate loaders to allow adequate access under the dockleveler. Adequate steelwork must be cast into the concrete to support the dockleveler and the loads applied to it.
  5. Length of lip to reach into dockleveler - Standard lip length is 500mm. Longer lips can be supplied if required.
  6. Trucks with containers - Determine where the container is situated on the truck bed. If it is sitting forward a standard dockleveler lip will not reach into the container. A container dockleveler may be required where the truck bed can back underneath the platform.
  7. Length of dockleveler - Reduced incline speeds operations. Steep slopes can cause loads to spill, become unstable or damaged. Typically, the longer the dockleveler, the longer the life. It should be noted that the more gentle the slope, the smaller the impact force generated into the ramp resulting in less wear and tear.
  8. Dockleveler capacity - What is your capacity requirements including:
    • weights for loading and unloading
    • work load
    • area required
    • how many docklevelers do you need
  9. Type of dockleveler - Choose from the doclevellers available or talk to TODDCO Australia about customising to your requirements.

Manufactured in Australia creating jobs for Australians.

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