TODDCO Docklights

Reduce Accidents and Injuries with the new LED version.

Loading Dock Stop & Go Lights Increase Communication
Between Drivers and Loading Dock Personnnel.

As a truck is being directed to an individual loading dock, the Stop & Go Light flashes green. The truck is cleared to back into the dock. When the trailor reaches the dock and is safely locked into place, a signal is sent to the Stop & Go Light. The flashing green light outside changes to flashing red, telling the driver that he has safely docked.

As an additional safety feature, a second Stop & go Light can be installed inside the loading area. When the outside light flashes red letting drivers know they are safely docked, the inside light flashes green to inicate that the loading or unloading may begin.

LED Stop & Go Light Features:

  • Uses 5-10% the energy of an incandescent light.
  • No maintenance.
  • High vibration resistant - no filament to break.
  • One year warranty

Loading Dock Stop & Go Lights Increase Communication Between Drivers and Loading Dock Personnel.

  • Yellow polypropylene housing will not rust, pit or corrode like similar metal units.
  • Shallow depths of unit (less than most dock bumpers) prevents damage to Stop & Go Light.
  • Mounting holes conform to standard building specifications.
  • Integral eyebrow-type sun visor for extended visibility.
  • Red and green lighting system takes advantage of the innate colour connotations, reducing the risk of operatot confusion and/or error.
  • Establishes a clean line of communication between drivers and dock personnel.
Stop Go Light

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