Mini Docklevelers

Mini Docklevellers generally are used for smaller trucks and trays and have a 7000kg weigth limit. Fully hydraulic. Single push button controls, ie. One button raises platform and at the top of its stroke, loading lip automatically extends and holds out until lowered onto truck bed.

Two variations of control are available (H1 or H2)

H1: - single push button controls.
The platform is raised to its full extension before the lip automatically extends. The platform then lowers onto the truck bed with the lip extended.

H2: - two push button controls.
The platform is raised to a height where the lip can be extended at any point, rather than at the full extension of the platform saving valuable time. The platform can also be held still at any point giving obvious safety features. The 2 push button controls give the operator full control over the platform and lip.

Two variations of Style are available (Pit Mounted or Face Mounted)

Pit Mounted
These type of Minidocks are fitted into a concrete pit that is usually created in the external front edge of the warehouse floor. The dockleveler then becomes apart of the warehouse floor. 

Face Mounted.
These type of Minidocks are mounted to the external face of a warehouse or dock area.

All Docklevellers should be maintaned and serviced regularly for optimum performance. Please choose the dockleveler that you have installed from the list below to view the appropriate maintenance guide or click on the links provided on the right to download.

+ mm
- mm
TODDCO 27-H(1 or2) Pit Mounting
TODDCO 27-H(1 or2) Face Mounting

Non Standard sizes available on request.

Capacity: 7000 kg

Mini dock

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