The TODDCO Advantage

TODCCO has built up a reputation as a quality manufacturer of dock leveler equipment and over many years their equipment has been found to be reliable, durable and a well engineered product.

TODDCO docklevelers are designed to counter the harsh treatment that can be dealt to it by forklift drivers, storemen and poorly driven trucks and at the same time meet our customers specific requirements.

Being a local manufacturer, this enables TODDCO to customise our products to suit individual needs as the dock is built, reducing lengthy modification delays.

Over the years, the TODDCO equipment has proven itself to be of the highest standard and quality, testimony to the fact that thousands of kilometres have been driven over them without structural failures or steel deformation.

What makes our products different?

There are 3 main components to a standard dock leveller:

  1. The base frame.
  2. The platform
  3. The lip.

At TODDCO we have a simple yet effective ethos;

“Design it strong, build it strong and it will go on and on”

Taking this company ethos into these 3 main components the first thing anybody looking at a TODDCO dock leveler will notice is that they look strong. The materials used are well above what is probably needed, but we want them to be strong and last.

As well as looking strong the TODDCO docklevelers have been designed simply, yet cleverly. The base frame on a TODDCO dockleveler has been designed to fully absorb all the energy and forces created by the rear hinge and hydraulic rams and contain this energy. What this means to an owner or builder utilising a TODDCO dock leveler is that the concrete under and around the dock doesn’t have pressures transferred into it. This minimalises the chances of the surrounding reinforced concrete cracking and breaking out from dock leveler forces. Our pit frames are there to create stability not create power.

All TODDCO base frames are fitted, as standard, with rubber pads that allow the platform to travel below the dock level height and come to rest quietly.

Looking at the TODDCO platform, again it looks strong and tough, clever use of materials and design enables the platform to flex and twist to compensate for the movements of the truck or trailer as it is unloaded or loaded. The use of the heavy longitudinal channels that link the rear hinge to the lip is the key to the design. Besides allowing for twist these channels also supply great support for the heavy checker-plate deck material and the forks and pallet jacks that have to run back and forth across these decks day and night.

Now the all important lip. A TODDCO dock leveler has as standard, an 18mm thick steel checker-plate lip. We believe this is an integral part of the success of our docks. Again, we have struck true to our ethos, build it strong. We have to buy this material in specially and we hand shape and cut the pieces to size. Our standard lip is 500mm wide however if a customer requires something narrower or wider, because they are cut here on site at TODDCO, changes in size are not a problem. A TODDCO lip provides a strong secure link between the dock platform and the truck or trailer. It is over this link that day and night forklifts and pallet jacks will pass and this gives us at TODDCO peace of mind that all those journey’s will be completed safely.

Other benefits to a TODDCO Dock leveler?

These may seem small things in the big scheme of a dock leveler however we think they are just as important.

We provide toe guards like all the dock equipment suppliers, however with some clever design work a TODDCO dock leveler has the full height telescopic toe guards mounted on the inside of the side plates. Keeping the toe guards inside the platform reduces the opportunity for damage and catching while still performing their necessary task.

TODDCO provides return lines for the hydraulic cylinders used in our dock levelers. We understand that all hydraulic cylinders can and will at some stage leak oil past the seals, so by providing return hoses any leaks are returned to the tank and not dripped onto the floor of your warehouse or facility.

A safety feature we believe should be fitted to all dock levelers, but come standard on a TODDCO dock leveler is a velocity fuse. This item is fitted to the main lifting cylinder. In the event that a truck pulls away from the dock leveler while the forklift or pallet jack is still working on the platform or a hose bursts, then the platform will not drop suddenly. The velocity fuse will freeze the platform in position enabling the forklift or pallet jack to be moved off the platform safely.

The TODDCO name is accepted as a major supplier to the industry leaders throughout Australasia. Customers currently using TODDCO equipment include; Versacold, Montague Cold storage, Woodmasons, Swire Cold Storage, Collins Transport, Harris Transport and Oxford Cold Storage.

TODDCO dock levelers designed STRONG and built STRONG.

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